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Take Kennilworth Ave turn on 52nd Ave (only one way to go on this street) then turn right on Jackson St. More of a hispanic crowd.
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nice place to bring your own booze and see ladies of many flavors..
I'm a Hispanic male in my late 20's..I arrived at Fuego around 10 pm on a Saturday night..big center stage with at least 20 to 30 dancers..most of the crowd was black and Hispanic with a few white in the mix but very chilled..I immediately head for the sofas on the side but I am stopped by security and charged 20 dollars for a wristband so I can sit there..not five minutes passed and this sexy skinny Hispanic women asks me did I want a dance and charged me 20 more dollars..mind you this is my first time at a stripclub..the dance was weak and basically threw that 20 to the trash..I layed back and watched the center stage for this thick pawg she was doing the Damn thing..I then proceed to a chair closer to the stage and women start approaching me which I agreed for 10 dollars a pop...honestly out of all the girls that I got lapdances from they all were weak excepts for a thick redbone and a thick black women they really worked it goood..overall it was fun but iI dont know if iI will be back again...

Club Fuegos
I just went to Club Fuegos 5005 Jackson St Hyattsville, MD this Saturday May 25th & I must say I wasn't all pleased. I can't figure out why this club is rated "the number one strip club in the DMV" or even the number 2. Lets start from the bottom & work our way up. First they have no working phone number. When you pull up there is a long street with a bunch of old retail stores & warehouses on both sides in which there's vertical parking. Some parking will be free & some wont be, it'll just depend on the time you get there. I got there around 10:30. This street is one way up one way down, Fuegos is on the right & police are on the scene. Fuegos does not have a name sign on there club so if you wondering where it is its the club with the white tint & security. Before you go inside you must leave cellphones in the car, condoms are not permitted, no weapons, & no gum. Admission is $10 before 10pm & up to $30 after, as I said I arrived at 10:30 & didn't go in til about 12 so I paid $22. There is a $2 re-entry fee if you leave out with a stamp or wristband, if you don't have either you will pay again. Fuegos does not currently have a liquor license to sell alcohol but they do allow you to bring alcohol but it has to be in a plastic cup or a plastic bottle. No glass bottle permitted, I seem a lot of people with plastic 7-Eleven big gulp cups of liquor. So, inside there a little lounge room you walk through when you enter the club & it's probably the nicest area in the club. Inside its one big ass room with two stages (one big one small), on the left is VIP (this is where you pay security to sit & get wristbands) & the DJ booth, another the big stage is first come first serve seating (while standing security will ask you to move in closer to the stage), along the right wall is nothing but chairs full of lap dances & the bathrooms, in the back is the bar (for refreshments), in the front is the VIP stage area & private rooms off to the side in the back. They supposedly have 75 dancers (not believe able because I seen the same dancers at least 4 times & they just changed their faces & clothes) but the dancers are all kinds of ethnicities & so is the crowd. Some of the strippers have rhythm some of them don't. Some of them have body & some of them don't. Fuegos is open to all people to come men & women to see the ladies strip not just men. Around 1 or 1:30 they call it the after party but I noticed things got a little better, & around that time a lot of people & dancers show up. Typically there are between 4-6 dancers on at a time. Of course the ladies work their way around all sides of the stage to get their tips. I must tell you this if you have to pee your better off outside, the bathrooms are gross & of course there's no soap. Fuegos closes at 6am & have different DJs that play a variety of music. The lap dancers were $10 per song plus your tips. While the dancers are on stage you aren't suppose to touch em but if their okay with it so be it.

The worse club i ever been to in my life...my car was broken into in the STRIPPERS were terrible!!

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