Keekorok Road, Nairobi City, , ,
Hours of Operation
9pm - 6am
Nudity Level
Cover Charge
300 KSH Kenya Shillings ($3 - $4 USD)
Contact Dances?
Full Bar
Keekrok Rd. Off Firestation - Khodja roundabout.
Limited selection of alcohol at bar.
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poor services
the club is too expnsive as compared 2 tahidi club,imagin we couple wid da strippers free of charge??wid no charges on lap dance or stripers caressing,so up your game or u loose ua esteemed customers to these sister stripping club!also the female md is strict!!

Like an orgy in kenya. And Cheap!
Liddos is one of the more upscale SC for Kenya in comparison to the local competition. You can ask nearly any taxi driver to take you there from your hotel. It is very well known. Kenya has a thriving SC scene which is growing with new SC opening every month. After taxi drops you off , you should see one or two well dressed bouncers, in tuxedos and bowtie, standing in a doorway. you cannot see the club name from outside, they will do very light frisking upon entering. Their job is to keep the local rif-raf our of the SC scene.
you walk about 20 step in long hallway, then up two flights of stairs. Depending on the time you pay 300 KSH Kenya Shillings entrance fee equivalent ($3 - $4 USD). If arriving early before 10pm during weekday I didn't pay entrance fee. The club itself tries to have upscale atmosphere of Players, or Gentleman Gold Club in Baltimore. The club uses a lot of black lights or UV light (Ultra Violet Light) which makes it great to see the girls in bikni and quite difficult to see or count your own money. Typically you will be invited to sit at one of the comfortable row of chairs or the couch opposite the bar. Immediately the waitress will ask for you drink order. They don't have a large variety of liquor, no Hennessy or Cognac, others Vodka, Whiskey, are available. I stick with Red Bulls myself. if they don't have exact change the waitress will write you an IOU receipt as your bar tab. After sitting you immediately notice how exotic are some of the girls, most are beautiful Kenyan ladies, some Somalians, Ethiopians and Nigerians. The assorted colors, shapes, and booty size of the dancers are same as any PG country club (Puzzles, Bazz&Crue, Ecstasy). I prefer the athletic, toned and tall models most have ample push for the cushion. Typically the girls will dance in front of you (air dance) to attract your attention for a lap dance.
I selected a nice smokin hot Somalia girl, because of her exotic looks she is perfect resemblance for Sade (the singer). When asking for lap dance, they initially ask how much you want to pay ? which means if you don't the know prices each girl will give you a different cost for LD. I tell them 200 kenya shillings ( less $3 )per dance, the girls will either accept (if it slow night) or bargain upward to $4 a dance. we agree on $4 LD. She hops on board my leg for slow sensual LD. In Kenya the women don't count songs, they give you a dance for about 12-15 minutes per LD. You are free to roam everywhere and anywhere at your leisure. you can grab her ass, play with tits, finger her pussy, insert red bulls can in her pussy, everything is permitted. To further encourage the atmosphere, hardcore ebony porn is shown on all the large screen TV through out the club. There are about 4-5 screens all showing porn while you're getting a LD. And the house is filled with couples, wealthy Kenya business man, and muzungu (foreigners). of course, since you are foreigner, the ladies are grabbing your dick, touching you everywhere as well. It can look like large cozy orgy going on with half dozen of hot women, porn ,liquor and rap music. After my third LD she invites me to VIP room upstairs. It costs $1000 KSH about $12 USD to enter VIP. you pay at the front desk, get a receipt which allows you all night access to VIP lounge. It is located one or two flight stairs from the main club. Upon entering you notice the room is smaller, cozier couch, hardcore porn on large flatscreen, a dedicated waitress/bartender to handle any of your drink order, table center of room, more rap music, and at least two or three girls waiting for you in case you didn't bring one in with you. My Somalia Sade and I enter VIP, grab couch, she asked what I wanted.. I told her to give me a lesbian show on the table in front of me. We negotiate $1000 Kenya shilling about $12 USD for her and girl of her choice for my interactive, live lesbian show. she runs downstairs to find a sexy friend to perform with her. Meanwhile I observe rest of the room. A husband/wife couple are in VIP getting a nude dance from two girls. One nude dancer and the guys wife are getting into pretty heavy, kissing, touching, grabbing each other, while the husband is chatting away with nude dancer while his wife is next to him. I realize now VIP room is really about exploring your fantasies, whatever you can imagine they are ready to provide. My Sade from Somalia returns with another light skin spinner. They immediately give me a simultaneous lapdance, straddling each of my legs, after second song, they begin to hug and kiss each other, they slide off my legs on to the table. Sade somalia takes off her shoes, bikni bottom and opens her legs for all of VIP to see her pussy, the other girl starts lightly kissing her nipples, the proceeds down the treasure line to start deep licking away. It was my first live porn show (Amsterdam doesn't count) sole for my entertainment. After 10 min I asked them to reverse positions, with my Somalia Sade now giving great sloppy tongue to her girl friends little kitty. I constantly reposition them to get better views, different angles..sixty-nine position, doggy style with pussy licking, whatever I wanted to see or imagine them do together..they complied. Having the porn movies on sure helped in explaining different positions I wanted them to do together. Meanwhile everyone else in VIP was far too busy to notice the lesbian show because they had wild exotica of their own going on at the same time.. of course you better wear some American made rubbers/condoms if you plan to tap some ass in Kenya. I wasn't willing to take any risks even with covered BBJ. Anyway the SC scene in Kenya is taking off dramatically I went to about 4-5 places in downtown Nairobi which I shall submit for review. Great fun, stay safe don't take crazy risks and you'll be fine.

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