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Not So Hot Anymore
Back in 2009-2010, this place was a party all night long. And cheap, great-mileage lap dances for $5 a song. The dances are still $5/ song but it is a totally different vibe. The other day a girl was giving me a lap dance with her top off and security came over and told her to put it back on. It was nothing like this in the ole days, the girls did a whole lot more. A few times that night I saw a cop come in and walk around the club to see if anything illegal was going on. There is always someone watching. The place is not what it used to be anymore. Few girls dance on the stage anymore, and when they do most of them do not get nude. Most of the time you sit and wait for something to happen, which never happens. Sitting in a club with nothing on stage and weak lap dances is no fun. It is mostly a dead club from opening at 9pm until midnight. Then a few more girls come in and most go to the VIP where they get $10 a song and can take their top off. Security allows them to take their top off in the VIP, but not on the main floor. Since new management came in a couple of years ago this club have gone far downhill, from one of the best to one of the worst strip clubs in the area.

Still pretty good
I went here this past Monday and they were having some sort of party. Unfettered I went back on Tuesday. Great choice. I've been going off and on over the past 4 years and Tuesday night did not disappoint. There were about 8 girls in there around midnight and just as many patrons. I was wearing some Nike dryfit warm up pants commando (a promised good time). The regular dancers will come over and Twerk on your lap for $5 a song. There is a VIP, but the $5 lap dances are really the draw of this club and VIP is only if you call in love and HAVE to see a girl naked. Most of the girls give $5 dances in thongs and bikini tops. Anyways the night I got a couple dances from maybe 3 or 4 girls when a very impressive well built dark skin girl hit the stage. She was beautiful. I walked up to tip her, she hopped off the stage naked, backed her butt up into my crotch, then backed it up and gripped my dong with her butt cheecks. That's right, she grabbed my comando-dong, only separated from her with those micro thin Nike pants, with her booty. The she jumped around with it. I probably stood at the stage tipping her, caressing her booty, and having her grab me with her butt for her entire set. Amazing talent. She then gave me a lapdance and let her thong slide to the bottom of her butt and kept gripping me and dancing.

This place is amazing. The girls are solid 6-9s (I've only ever seen one dime there and she was trying to Twerk on my thighs during the lapdance and didn't really work the meat... Lame),, there are some fantastic booties, and it gets just as freaky as you would expect from a garage strip club. Take $60, $20 for entry, and have some fun!

Man this club has changed, and for the worst!
Back when the Irving's guys ran this club, it was off the chain! But that was years ago. I went here on a Thursday night and the club sucks. Only about 6 girls dancing. Dances are still $5 per song, and the club is still divided in half with the upper half being a VIP area that cost $10 to sit in and dances are $10 a song there. On the regular floor, you are sitting side by side with other guys like in a movie theater. Security will come and sit by the stage, and the fat ass security guard spent half the night sitting there to charge his phone using the wall socket. Oh, by the way, no cell phones allowed inside for us patrons. So how can we enjoy ourselves with a fat security gump watching us the whole night? There is one single bathroom for both guys and strippers. No soap, no toilet paper, no paper towels, no lock on the door. Girls will rarely dance on stage. The atmosphere is pretty dull, and the girls don't dance as freaky as they used to years ago...and they used to give you high mileage back then, not the case now. Just a simple dance with the girl grinding her booty on your crotch for the length of the song, and that's it. The overall vibe of this club sucks. There are better places in the area to go to. I suggest going to Puzzles, Irvings, Harley Riders if you want the full service, Bazz n Crue...

here is my story
I actually was going to go to puzzles but decided at the last minute and come to sinsayionals. I got right at the door and I found out on Saturdays its $20 entrance fee regardless when you got there. I was gonna go to puzzles but decided it was not worth it so I paid and went in. I sat down for a while and noticed no more than 7 dudes in the joint. There were about 5 dancers that came out. One on the stage and 3 others with other dudes and another one killing time. Anyway I knew 3 or so dancers that I wanted that usually there. This one in particular I really didn't want because she seemed to mechanical but I decided, whatever, and got the $5 dance. She was a nice natural redboned sista who was probably 5'6 flatfooted. When the dancing started she was better than the last one which was in the $10 seats I had with her several months back. She was doing very well and she seemed to be enjoying it. So much so she wanted to do the VIP. This is where I asked a few questions so I would not misunderstand anything. Anyway I asked for another $5 dance and I would decided if I wanted to go, I was a bit aroused so I thought, might as well since noone was really there. It was $40 to enter including the $20 to the dancer. We got into the back and she stripped nude. We were in a very tight corner dimly light. She stood behind me waiting for the next song to start sense we got in halfway of one. I was checking her out and touching was full contact and I kissed her butt and go a wiff of her feminine scent. She bent over so I could investigate further and then the song started. She sat down on me and grinded me VERY nicely. She was nice and softand although her butt was big it was natural, very soft. Things started to take get going when she got a chair and I leaned back. She put her legs on the couch facing away from me and her butt bent over right in front of my face. She rubbed her butt in my face and lets just say she was very happy for a while. She was messaging my groin in the process trying to get me off. I think she was frustrated in that she was trying to please me (which she was) but she was enjoy "herself" too much to worry if I was satisfied When I moved my head back I thought she was gonna go back to grinding but she just turned around facing me this time standing up, her coochie square in my face and took the back of my head and force fed me. I guess she enjoyed it and wanted more so i went at it a little long. She went back to grinding me and then one more time she turned around standing and bent over a bit and face-fed me. I stopped because I wanted to check where we were songwise. I found out it was $60 more. I was like to myself (You ass!! smh) so I gave her what I had and had to go to the atm to pay her the rest plus some more for basic laps. I went back to the $5 section and sat a bit. I got with this nice chocolate sista and she was thick and nice. We had a standup dancing thing. My biggest problem is one of the workers was eying me like he wanted me. That really pissed me off. The dance would have been better if he wasn't so fixed on me. I had a few dances from her. The final one was one of the nicest dancers that I usually have a lapdance from. She is constantly smiling and usually wears a g-string. She knows how I like her lapping style and eventhough the guy was still looking he was moving around so he wasn't looking at me as much. This last allowed my hands to roam. Lets just say I ended up in good spirits.

it is what it is
I went to Sinsaysations Saturday morning about 12:30am.Its located in a strip mall and parking is still the same.The cover charge is a flat rate of $20 no matter the time you enter. When I used to go there a few years ago,it was a dollar before 9:30 with a flyer...times have certainly changed.
The interior was completely different but still dilapidated as it was in the past...seems like they just rearrange the furniture,change the lighting and slap some paint on the walls.
There were about 15 guys there and 9/10 girls on the floor.The girls were all nice,a few nice thin ones with phat little booties,a few thick ones pulling nice wagons with nice dd's tits and 2 BBW.Lap dances are $5 a pop and the four girls that sat on my lap did awesome jobs of earning their tips.
The stripper that stood out in my mind was a nice petite lil freak.She is the type that will do whatever to keep the tips coming and i cant say i blame her,go hard or go home.I am definitely going back soon and hopefully she will be there and working.
I am a strip club pro/veteran so I don't complain about atmosphere or talents. I have seen it all. I have had great experiences in all type of strip clubs across the country, well decorated or hole in a wall. For me it's all about finding the freakiest girl in the room and having a good time.
This club is worth a visit gentlemen,just enjoy it for what it is...

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