Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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Peaches of Atlanta

779 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30310
(404) 758-4099

Lap Dance Cost: 5
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Re: Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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Arrived at 8:30 pm on a weeknight. No cover charge, no parking fee, no customers yet. Open space with about 9 dance poles and 2 stages . No high chair general seating present .Seemed Very bright in the inside. Adjustable high chairs at the bar which extremely nice . You can adjust lap straight to ass .
These hoes in here are lazy though the dancers didn’t come out until about 9:30pm. And to you might have to approach them. The ration was about 7 to 1 as patrons about 20 dancers total . Some had super fat asses as all black. The talent here as far as looks was surprisingly decent. 5$ per dance. Got decent mileage from a super thick chick gave me an LDK . No stick shifting but wasn’t scared of the D. Tried one other dancer mileage was decent but she got mad when I didn’t buy her a drink.
I was at my 2 drink limit already. Beers were 5$ a piece. I did not inquire about VIP.
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Re: Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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I came on a Friday night. Things were pretty slow when I arrived at 10:45pm. I paid a $20 cover, which included parking, and had to wear a face mask, which there were selling for $5 if I didn't have one myself. The club is set up as long rectangle. Restrooms are located at the front of the club near the entrance. There are two small circular stages located in the center of the club. There are three curtained VIP booths located along the right side of the club and another VIP along the wall near the entrance. There were over 20 dancers from slim to BBW, all black but different complexions. The girls started dancing on stage close to midnight, fully nude. The girls started to do their stage sets from the two circular stages. During the stage sets, the girls usually begin by dancing for a couple of songs at the stage closest to the bar before rotating to the stage closer to the entrance for a few more songs.Lap dances are $5 per song and the DJ plays the whole song. I got a dance from one girl for $5 per song but they were air dances, no contact. I tried another girl and she also gave air dances with an occasional grind on my crotch but no real full contact. I noticed some dancers giving some grinding, while others seemed to be strictly air dances. Overall, I would say that the club is decent. In my opinion there was a nice selection of dancers. With dances at $5, your money will go a little further here. I didn’t inquire about VIP dances. There was group sitting in one of the VIP sections, but it seemed to be more of a party type vibe with bottles and hookah/sheesha. I would visit again, you money can go a long way here. If anyone did the VIP and can share more details, please do.
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Re: Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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I'm a prospective dancer so I was cruising town on a Monday night checking out the strip club scene in Atlanta. It was almost midnight at parking in the small back lot is about $20 and the entry for guy is $15. They let me in free since I was a prospective dancer and not really a customer. I noticed about 6-10 girls working, all black girls in rotation on stages with two poles. There are also 2 floor poles located on the sides of the stages. Bottles of beer were about $7 each. Private dances are $10 a song with touching and grinding and the girls dance fully nude. Lots of local dirty south hip hop music. I may end up dancing here and I recommend others visit! They open about 9:00pm so there is no dayshift. Come at night and have fun! You can smoke weed in here too.
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Re: Peaches of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

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Went there on a Friday after Thanksgiving at 10pm. I parked at a nearby parking lot, so I don't know if they charge for parking. Entrance was free. Dancers were just starting to come out of the dressing room. So if you go any earlier the place will be dead. The place looked clean, but the the decoration is weird and it is very dim, dimmer than most other strip clubs. The vibe felt repelling. There were maybe 7 dancers with at most 1 or 2 that may have been a 7 out of 10 at best. Dances were $5, but a lot of air dancing with limited contact. Got a few dances from one dancer that sucked. At one point I had enough and left. They need to redecorate the place and and improve the lighting.
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