Foxxy Lady Lounge - Miami, FL

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Foxxy Lady Lounge - Miami, FL

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Foxxy Lady Lounge
1792 NW 79th St
Miami, FL 33147
Noon-5am seven days a week
Lap Dance Cost: 10
Avg. Drink Cost: 5
Cover Day: 0
Cover Night: 3 ... miami-fla/
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Re: Foxxy Lady Lounge - Miami, FL

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This is the second club I visited last Thursday evening. First, I went to Climaxx but I couldn’t figure out where to park so I left, then I visited the Mint. I already wrote a review. And after the Mint I went to Foxy Lady.
I arrived around 8:30pm and the parking lot was almost empty. I parked and went to the front of the club. Door guy told me $10 cover. I hesitated for a minute, but ended up paying at least to go grab a drink. Once inside I felt it looked better than before. There were some costumers and girls, so I’m not sure why parking lot was so empty. I sat on some small couches that we’re pretty comfy, I ordered a beer. Yes! They carried red stripe! Bartender was nice and polite. I was expecting all black girls, but there were latinas too. I am a sucker for black women, so I was hoping more AA’s would come out of the dressing room to check them out and maybe get some dances. There was a pool table and some guys playing. Good to see a pool table, one day I should give it a shot and play some. I saw the two vip rooms but couldn’t read the rates or the info they had on the doors.
For several minutes girls danced on stage, one at a time. The two I saw on stage were slim , nice bodies but I prefer thicker ones with meaty bottoms. I sat patiently, the place was nice and the chair was comfortable so I didn’t mind the wait. I saw a tall girl who looked good but still my target would be a AA with a big ass, If I could find one.
Minutes later I saw a beautiful black girl who came by my table and we started talking. She offered me dances , I said yes, she had the curves I love and the dark skin I drool for. That’s when I found out the vip room is $50 for half hour. Not bad, but it would get busier if they did also sets of 15 or 20 minutes for a little less, like 30 or 40 bucks, but whatever. I didn’t pay for the vip so we went to the seats by the wall. Dances were $5 which were a great deal I thought. We talked a lot so time flew by quick. When she finished I paid her and gave her an extra tip as a sign of my appreciation for being nice and not trying to rip me off, as I hear some other dancers do.
After those dances I just left. I stayed there for maybe a total of 45 minutes. Again, nobody was wearing face masks. Be careful, people. If you’re not fully vaccinated you are really pushing your luck.
In conclusion, the club is nice, girls are cool. I felt a good atmosphere. I always liked foxy lady but in the past it was so damn dead that I barely ever went. But now I’m planning on going again in a few more weeks. Also, next time I should definitely get the vip room and see what it’s all about.
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