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Welcome and Rules

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Welcome to BlackStripClubs.net! A forum where you can find, review, and discuss black strip clubs. What defines a "black strip club?" A club that features nude, topless, or pastie female dancers, the majority who are of African descent. These clubs usually play rap, hip-hop, R & B, reggae, Caribbean, African, and other similar music genres. Most black strip clubs tend to be located in cities that have a substantial population of people who are also of African descent.

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This forum is only for adults age 18 and over, and FREE! All club listings should feature 100% biological real adult females only! You can post other events and services, such as bachelor or bachelorette parties that may have male dancers, in the respective "Discussions and Classifieds" sections.

BlackStripClubs.net originally launched with a different format several years ago and then shut down for a variety of reasons. As of January 2022, we are back online! This forum is a work in progress as we grow users and our listings and reviews of black strip clubs.

Adding Clubs
To add a new club, go to the forum that corresponds to the club's location and start a New Topic with the title being the name of the club and the city. Please include details of the club such as:

• address,
• phone number,
• website,
• days and hours of operation,
• dance prices and rules,
• bar and food selection,
• nudity level, etc.

Edit/Updating Clubs
Click on the exclamation point (!) on the club info posting to "report" the post and in your report provide updated information. If the club is closed, just say the club is closed. You can also give updates by replying to the club posting.

Reviewing Clubs
Reply to the club posting and post your review!

General Discussions and Classifieds
You are welcome to start any other topic here. Post products, services, events, and discuss other topics here. Use the "Discussions and Classifieds" section in the regional forums for topics pertaining to that region. For example, a bachelor/bachelorette party in Atlanta, GA should be posted in:
North America --> Georgia --> Discussions and Classifieds

Other Rules
To save space on our server, we don't allow direct image uploads. However, you can embed images hosted on other sites using BBC code image tags.

Not much else. Don't spam, scam, or be a jerk. Once this board gets populated with more users and postings, we will update the rules accordingly. Side note: If you want to see the full background image of our site, here it is.

- Admin

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